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Approximately 100 Bottlenose Dolphins live in the waters of Port Stephens.

The dolphins are a much loved resident of this beautiful area with visitors coming from all over the world eager to catch a glimpse of them going about their daily lives.



1.5hr Dolphin Watch Cruise + Sail
Departs daily from November – End of April
from D’Albora Marina, Nelson Bay

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Join us on board Imagine as we spend time with some of our resident dolphins.

Relax in the dry bow-net, hang on tight for a ride in the boom-net, or give yourself a ‘Titanic’ thrill at the end of the bow sprit. We’ll hoist the sails if conditions permit, while you relax and experience the best that the Bay has to offer.

  • Dolphin Guarantee or free return trip
  • 360’ viewing
  • Friendly & knowledgeable crew
  • Bring swimmers for a ride in the boom net

*all cruises subject to sea conditions
*minimum numbers apply

Prices: Adults $38, Children $18 (2-16 years)
Special Rates: Family $99 (2 adult + 2 children)
Concession $33 (student, pension)


Swim with the Dolphins

Cruises depart from D’Albora Marina, Nelson Bay (November – May)
6.15am – 11.00am Saturdays and Sundays with additional cruises during NSW School Holidays.

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Are you looking for an unforgettable, bucket list adventure?

Snorkel with oceanic dolphins off the coast of beautiful Port Stephens! The dolphins are completely wild and free and each swim is dependent upon them choosing to be near our in-water guests!

Our wild dolphin swim tours offer the thrill of a lifetime! Come and see the dolphins on their terms and move along with them in the water – it’s just like being a part of the pod! An exciting snorkelling experience where you attach to a line and then just hold on for the ride.

This is the only permitted wild dolphin swim in New South Wales, the first swim of its kind in the world – and only a 2.5 hour drive north of Sydney! Come and be a part of the pod and witness TRUE dolphin behaviour! Six swim guests at a time are attached to a customised rope which is strung between the two bows of a 54′ (16m) catamaran and towed through the water while inquisitive wild dolphins dart back and forth between the bows and often within a couple of metres of the guests – so amazing!

Includes: All gear (wetsuit, mask, snorkel, safety harness), 4 hour cruise, educational commentary, tea/coffee (instant) and complimentary above-water photos which are later uploaded to the Dolphin Swim Australia Facebook page for guests to copy and/or share. Every swim ticket includes a customised video of your experience! This video is edited and sent out after your swim and includes footage of you underwater with the dolphins!

Please bring your swimwear, towel and a warm jacket.

*all cruises subject to sea conditions
*minimum numbers apply

Wild Dolphin Swim $349 per person
For ages
7-70 years

Cruise operated by Imagine Cruises and tour is run by Dolphin Swim Australia


60 – 75 min Dolphin Watch Express &
1.5hr Eco Adventure Tour

Express Tour

Dolphin Watch Express Tour

Port Stephens has over 100 resident Dolphins that live in the Bay….on our crowd-free ‘Dolphin Watch Express’ we’ll spend time getting to know these friendly ‘locals’.

‘Envision’ moves through the water quickly, but safely and smoothly – you’ll want your camera handy as we cruise along beautiful Shoal Bay, past our iconic Headlands and across to ‘Dolphin hot-spot” Jimmy’s Beach.

Bring your swimwear – during the summer months, after we’ve seen the Dolphins, there’ll be the opportunity to jump in for a swim!

Eco Adventure

ECO Adventure Tour

Our nature-based Adventure tour, onboard Fastcat ‘Envision’, gets you up-close to the very best that our pristine Marine Park has to offer.

On our Offshore Island Tour we will spend time with some of our fabulous Wildlife – we’ll see the Dolphins and we often encounter Seabirds, Turtles and Penguins along the way!

Lots of Fun, Personalized and Crowd-Free – Don’t forget your camera!

Both Cruises include:

  • Dolphin Guarantee – Free return if we don’t see Dolphins
  • You’ll have the opportunity for a swim
  • Chat with our friendly & knowledgeable crew
  • Enjoy 360° viewing
  • Interesting and informative commentary

*all cruises subject to sea conditions
*minimum numbers apply

Dolphin Watch Express
Prices: Adults $40, Children $20 (2-16 years)
Special Rates: Family $110 (2 adult + 2 children)
Concession $35 (student, pension)

1.5hr Eco Adventure Express
Prices: Adults $59, Children $29 (2-16 years)
Special Rates: Family $149 (2 adult + 2 children)
Concession $50 (student, pension)

Both tours are operated by Aquamarine Adventures


Bottlenose Dolphins grow to a maximum of 2.5 metres long, weigh up to 200kg, and can eat up to 10kg of fish per day…that’s a LOT of fish!

A male dolphin lives for around 40 years, while females can live up to 50 years in the wild. The girls live together with their offspring, while the boys form alliances and move between the female pods.

These super-intelligent mammals are ‘conscious’ breathers…unlike us, they have to think about every breath they take! They sleep by shutting down only one half of their brain at a time, so that they are still able to surface and take a breath!


Eco tourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.
Imagine Cruises is proud to be an Eco certified Advanced Tourism operator, as well as 1 of approximately 150 Green Travel Leaders within the country. We have sponsored research into the Port Stephens dolphins and regularly update our tour commentary with the latest information learned.

$1 from every Dolphin Watch ticket sold is donated to the Marine Parks Association,
furthering research on our resident Bottlenose Dolphins.