Project Description


Imagine, dedicated to the protection of Dolphins and Whales…

Imagine Cruises is an advanced Eco-Accredited company. All of our tours are designed to combine environment and tourism in a successful partnership. We showcase the best that the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park has to offer, while simultaneously doing our best to educate our guests and take care of our spectacular environment as well as the creatures, both land and sea, that inhabit it.

In 1995, Imagine was built by company director Frank Future, and then business partner Yves Papin, with the help of a group of stakeholders. The boat was launched with a vision to help make Port Stephens a model of Ecotourism. For over twenty years, Imagine has continued to support research and conservation initiatives such as the Dolphin Research Education and Management (DREAM) research fund, Eco Network Port Stephens, Ocean & Coastal Care Initiatives, International Whaling Commission, Eco-tourism Australia and the Marine Parks Association.

Committed to best practice business operation, Imagine Cruises believes we must manage ourselves responsibly within our natural environment if future generations are to have the same experiences that we have.


Imagine is a 54ft sailing catamaran, purpose-designed as a model for eco-tourism and capable of both offshore and inshore cruising. She offers a covered foredeck, as well as a comfortable downstairs cabin and bar.

Envision is a 40ft power cat, designed to move through the water quickly but safely and smoothly. She provides a 360° viewing platform, which is perfect for the keen photographer, and she is also capable of delivering guests directly onto the beach. Operated by AquaMarine Adventures.